February 5, 2023

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Did we draw the right number

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Did we draw the right number

Did we draw the right number

We remind you each time one of the games from each license is released, there are two of them fighting over the title “Sniper”. Sniper Ghost Warriors, first, whose last opus was released exactly a year ago, represents the tech-oriented proposal. Sniper Elite is more vintage oriented, with its scenarios set during the Second World War, but above all its rifles which can be heard 150 meters away and disrupt our infiltration routines. A cocktail that worked quite well, and that Rebellion serves us again with Sniper Elite 5 . So, shall we take it back?

She wanted to see her Normandy again

We are therefore in the middle of the Second World War, even if it will not last much longer – which the characters of the game are still unaware of. We are indeed a few days away from the landing, and among the first missions that will be entrusted to us, it will be a question of making sure to find an opening for D-Day, by finding a fault in the Atlantic Wall, or by disabling the Third Reich’s radar systems. Of the war itself, we will not say much. It is taken for granted that the Nazis are the bad guys, and the Resistance fighters the good guys, and we will more or less stop there.

The game therefore takes us to Normandy, which represents a certain part of its charm. In any case for us, French! In decors which, without being truly stunning, are largely on a par with new-generation consoles, we have fun with the many geographical or cultural references: here, one of those old cement panels indicating the direction of Dunkirk, there advertisements for washing machines or butter painted directly on the buildings…

Above all, there are propaganda posters from the Nazi or Vichy regimes all over the walls, and in French in the text. “Go work in Germany!” » or « German soldiers are your friends » can we read there. An effort has also been made on the context. Thus, if the game is played in English (with French subtitles), the announcements of the Vichy regime are made in French with a perfectly identifiable German accent without being caricatural. Just as the French resistance fighters address us in English, but with their Frenchie accent, and talk to each other in their own language. A lot of big budget movies don’t make those efforts…

The walk is pleasant, therefore (all things considered, it remains a war game), and with a tighter budget than Call of Duty or other Battlefields, the title has nothing to envy to certain AAAs. We will even be surprised to come out with a little “wow! » from time to time , like when, arriving at the third level, we discover that it is Mont Saint Michel (which is not named, probably to allow ourselves liberties with its map) which will serve as our playground The game is beautiful, and that’s good, because the gameplay will leave us plenty of time to observe the environments.

A bin… silted up

The formula hasn’t changed much since the previous episode, which itself already owed a lot to the one before, etc. We therefore play a sniper nicknamed The Shadow, a kind of resistant-ninja who has the reputation of being able to bring down entire regiments without being seen.

The game is a stealth gameand as such will essentially require patience and observation more than skill . The evolution compared to its predecessors is perhaps in its openness. As in the last Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, the levels are large open areas that we will apprehend a little in the way we choose.

Welcome paradox, even if the main mechanics of the game is that of the sniper, the title does not force us to kill anyone! Bypassing the enemies to progress or eliminate them in a non-lethal way is an entirely conceivable option, which is even rewarded at the end of the mission with additional experience points.

Obviously, to take advantage of the famous and impressive killcams – these slow-motion cinematic sequences which detail, like an X-ray, the physical damage of a successful shot – it will be necessary to leave morality and pity in the closet.

Alas, this “sandbox” proposal is not made of fine sand, and infuriating limitations taint the picture . For technical reasons? To keep some control over the player’s actions? We have not clearly identified the causes, but the fact remains that the many invisible walls give the game a rather unpleasant old-fashioned taste of one to two generation(s) behind. As well as being able to climb on certain surfaces and not others, or to be stopped in its progression by a mound of thirty centimeters high, come in complete disagreement with the graphic and gameplay ambitions displayed. Especially since these are not the only problems of the game.

Isn’t it over soon?!

If the pretty environments and the gimmick of exploration make Sniper Elite 5 a game of its time, these are not the only elements that register it in its time. Alas, we would add. Because the game, like too many titles today, does not seem completely finished.

Many bugs have thus partially spoiled our experience . The hitboxes, for example, hardly match the animation of our character. We had all the difficulty in the world to recover certain collectibles, not being able to deal with them enough for the command to seize them to be displayed.

Just as once an enemy has been eliminated, you have to play with the camera in order to bring up the “carry” command, to transport and conceal the body. This sometimes seems hidden in an improbable angle, and its search makes us lose precious seconds while the other soldiers continue their rounds.

But the most annoying bug, and which happened repeatedly, is the failure to start scripts after achieving certain objectives. For example, during a mission, it was a question of turning a valve to sabotage an installation. What we did. Without knowing exactly how it happens on the side of the game engine, the valve had recorded our action, but not the general scenario. As a result, it was impossible to act on the valve again, even if that remained our objective.

At another point in the game, once all the objectives were completed, the extraction point did not appear, condemning us to stay on the map (or restart the game). At yet another point, the extraction point simply disappeared as we tried to reach it…

Fortunately, the loading times are particularly optimized, and a game loads in less than five seconds. To the game’s credit, it must also be granted its quite satisfactory lifespan in campaign mode (which will vary enormously depending on your way of playing and whether or not you have completed the additional missions), its adaptable difficulty, and the multiplayer modes, including the one that allows you to invade another player’s campaign to play the grains of sand in the gears. A feature already seen in the competitor Ghost Warrior, but which remains fun to play, and which can (fortunately) be deactivated. Finally, we note the presence of a photo mode, again imperfect (impossible for example to navigate in 3D in the shot), but which has the merit of being there.

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