February 3, 2023

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How To Improve In Video Games

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How To Improve In Video Games

How To Improve In Video Games

The competitive aspect of video games has developed considerably over the past few years. Now, players are looking for constant improvement, usually to the detriment of the main aspect of games: fun.

How to improve in video games?

  • Practice regularly, not constantly
  • Watch your games
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Define areas for improvement
  • Analyze your performance
  • Get inspired by the best players
  • But don’t apply a strategy you don’t understand
  • Develop strategies

Concretely, it is possible to improve while continuing to have fun, but you have to succeed in taking a step back from your performance. This article aims to give you the keys to reach the top of the rankings, regardless of the game you play. 

Practice regularly, not constantly

The regular practice of video games will affect several factors impacting performance, such as muscle memory, timings or reflexes.

Muscle memory allows, thanks to the repetition of an action, to anchor it in your brain, so that you can carry out it in a natural way.

If you learn to place your crosshairs at head height, in Valorant, CS:GO or Rainbow 6, performing this task every day will make it feel natural. Mechanics are the result of muscle memory, since they represent an action that no longer needs to be thought out by the player.

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Reflexes and timings will also come through repeat play, and playing even 30 minutes a day of a game will allow you to maintain its characteristics.

Learning a game’s meta also requires constant interest, and you need to educate yourself over the patches in order to understand and apply it. 

Practice isn’t usually a concern for players, as many of them spend their entire day in-game, without making any significant progress. Practicing regularly does not mean “playing 14 hours a day” in order to be the best, and the Astralis team understands this.

When they became the best team in Counter-Strike history in 2019, the Astralis team only trained (as a team) 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Players were only required to play 30 hours a week, although they then trained individually. In his book “ Graduate Skills and Game-Based Learning: Using Video Games for Employability in Higher Education ,” Dr. Matthew Barr says this: 

If you play 6 hours a day, you will become a much better player by taking as many breaks as possible.Matthew Barr

Sticking to a video game is therefore clearly not the best way to progress, and taking days off is also highly recommended. Prioritize quality over quantity, by following the few tips listed below.

Watch your games

This is probably one of the most overlooked points and yet the one that will allow you to progress the fastest. The majority of multiplayer games allow you to watch your past games, and thus take a step back from your mistakes. So you can:

  • Understand and analyze each of your deaths, goals conceded, etc.
  • Understand when a situation escalated
  • Understand what was the best play to make at that moment of the game
  • Have an overview of a particular moment

How many crazy people have you said to yourself, “I just died because of a teammate who didn’t come to help me”, when the latter simply didn’t have the opportunity to come.

By reviewing the situations in which you are in difficulty, you will allow your brain to send you an alert the next time the situation occurs again. It is a form of “muscle memory” stated in part one.

Watching every third game will allow you to improve very quickly, just by realizing your mistakes.

Improve your hand-eye coordination

The coordination between your hands and your eyes can reduce response time, and thus improve the speed at which you react. 

If you want to test your reaction time, go to: https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime 

To improve this score, you need to reduce the response time between your eye and your hand, and there are some simple exercises to do this.

Improve your hand-eye coordination with a pen 

The simplest exercise is to spin a pen between your fingers, in order to exercise a connection between your eyes and them. Give it a try between games, and you should see your score improve quickly.

Improve coordination with games

Korean players are famous for playing games during beat times between games. These games allow them to improve their hand-eye coordination, their actions per minute and also their reflexes.

Faker and Chovy, two mechanical monsters of the LCK on League of Legends play in particular:

  • Rhytm doctor
  • I Wanna Be The Boshy
  • Jump King

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