February 4, 2023

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Rising Review – A Very Pleasant Taste

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Rising Review – A Very Pleasant Taste

Rising Review – A Very Pleasant Taste

To properly approach Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising , you have to look at Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the expected real game. Because in reality, it is an introduction supposed to make us wait until the release of the real opus set for next year, a kind of prequel laying the foundations of the universe. But why so many means around the title? Eiyuden Chronicle is actually a (very) successful Kickstarter project led by veterans of traditional Japanese role-playing games. We give you a thousand, those at the origin of the too little known saga Suikoden. Yes, Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano  are directing the project, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Developing a game properly takes time, especially when the expectation is high. It must be said that an army of players responded present to finance the said campaign. Admittedly, the studio now has all the means necessary to carry out its project (and much more), but the pressure is on. And to keep everyone waiting, nothing better than an appetizer called Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising .

The call of adventure

Unlike Hundred Heroes and its turn-based battles, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising  is a classic action-RPG. If you are looking for innovation or the unexpected, go your way. If you’re looking for a graphic slap or a risk-taking art direction, go back to where you came from. The latter exudes traditional role-playing through every pore and in no way wishes to detach from it, a fully assumed bias that will give pride of place to those nostalgic for the genre.

To fully understand the classicism we are telling you about, let us tell you about its scenario on a postage stamp. A heroine with a mysterious past arrives in a hamlet lost in the mountains. She says she is in search of adventures and magical artifacts. For no real reason, this one will help the inhabitants to develop the village. So. Can we do it more simplistic? So yes, there are some nice extra details and twists, but don’t expect depth in any way.

Simplicity is not necessarily a defect, far from it. We just have to clarify what we are dealing with. In an era where our video games want to be more and more complete and complex in their mechanics, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising goes back to basics by taking the bare minimum .

The result is a title that is certainly very limited, but successful in what it offers. And that’s the whole point of an introduction, right? Better still, this desired austerity does a world of good (at least, for a while). No need to think, no need to plan everything. We follow the adventure as it comes, and it’s very pleasant.

The flip side

Part one touted simplicity, making Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising  honest and fun to read. But what is the worst enemy of too simple? Boredom. The more the gameplay mechanics are limited, the faster you go around them, which risks creating a certain redundancy. Unfortunately, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising  is no exception.

But. Yes, there is a but to underline. The above comment is especially true if you’re having fun completing all the side quests (and there’s a hell of a lot of them). If you’re focusing on the main story, the redundancy shouldn’t get to you. With a fairly short lifespan (about a dozen hours), boredom barely sets in. And again, its meager shelf life for the genre is no problem given its context (and list price).

Before concluding, we must mention two honorable efforts. To present the first, we have to explain the gameplay a bit. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising  is a 2D action-RPG composed of three playable characters with different abilities: a speedy thief, a heavy hitting mercenary and a magician. It will thus be necessary to juggle between their skills to overcome the hordes of enemies. With good timing, it will even be possible to perform a link attack, in other words a cooperative attack that multiplies the damage points inflicted. Very quickly, this mechanic will become your salvation to move forward effectively. Link attacks are pretty well thought out and encourage you to use other characters. A good point to emphasize, therefore.

Second point to address: the music. What would an RPG be without a good OST? Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising  comes out of it with dignity and will even manage to make you hum a few refrains once the console is turned off. No masterpiece on the horizon, but a more than honest work to salute.

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