February 3, 2023

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The 8 Best Browser MMORPGs Of 2023

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The 8 Best Browser MMORPGs Of 2023

The 8 Best Browser MMORPGs Of 2023

Browser MMORPGs are often ridiculed by part of the gaming community. However, some of them are real nuggets, which clearly deserve a look. 

If you have an old PC, these MMOs will undoubtedly give you a good time. And even if your machine allows you to play “classic” games, some of these browser games might surprise you!

Unfortunately, one of the best browser MMORPGs in history, Runescape, has decided to discontinue this version. Fear not, a brand new MMO is set to take over in 2023!

Mars Tomorrow

Mars tomorrow is a cross-platform MMORPG that can be played on browser and mobile (android and iOS) . The object of the game is to create a colony on Mars, in order to make it habitable for humans.

To achieve your goal, you will have to rely on other players and go through the 8 major development phases.

The game takes some getting used to, but you can count on a strong community as well as the guild system to assist you.

Travian : Legends

The ancestor of this top continues to prove that its community is extremely solid, since it is still present 18 years after the launch of the game.

This browser MMORPG is an incredibly complete strategy game. You must join one of the 3 factions, in order to create your empire and develop it.

Being an MMO, you can imagine that other players won’t let you do it so easily. It’s not a turn-based MMORPG , but you often wait for your opponent’s action in order to counterattack.

The evolution is quite slow and is aimed at a mature audience. Moreover, the use of the blue card offers a certain advantage in the evolution of your empire.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a browser MMORPG that’s about ten years old now but continues to release new content on a regular basis. 

The game has all the attributes of a classic MMO: singleplayer dungeons, multiplayer PvE, PvP and the developers regularly organize events. 

Often referred to as P2W, the game does indeed offer an advantage to those who put their hand in their pocket. However, participating in the various events will allow you to collect sufficient rewards to enjoy F2P. 

Dragon Awaken 

This Chinese MMO is a little different from the others, since it is aimed at fan players who like “automated” games? Indeed, the fights and the quests are done without player interactions, which makes the progression very fast at the beginning. 

Gradually, you will be confronted with more and more difficulties, and Chinese game obliges, taking out the CB will help you to progress more quickly. 

The game will require you to grind and level up, while letting you battle other players in PvP. Last interesting points, you can create your team of heroes, and collect mounts. 

Mirage Online Classic

This independent MMORPG received the award for “Best Browser MMORPGs” in 2021. It must be said that the game has qualities (which are clearly not graphic), especially in terms of difficulty and optimization.

This MMO is an action RPG, which means that you will need dexterity in order to land your attacks. The servers are exclusively NA, but EU players don’t seem to bother with latency issues. 

Dungeons are a big challenge, even if the game leans more towards PvP. Indeed, territory battles between guilds and 1v1 arena fights are at the center of the game.


Genfanad is a browser MMORPG with the ambition to bring some of the old school MMOs back to life. Concretely, you can expect a game similar to the first version of Runescape.

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If you rely exclusively on the graphics, the game will not make you want to play it. However, the gameplay, progression, quests, and community will definitely make you want to stick around. 

The game offers a low-cost subscription to enjoy content updates, but excluding any kind of in-game benefits.

EVE Anywhere Online

EVE Anywhere Online allows EVE Online players to launch the game from a simple browser! Concern ? Many gamers have taken to playing the game in between tasks at work. Indeed, Eve Online is a very addictive space MMORPG !

The game gives you the ability to control a ship, which will allow you to explore more than 7000 star systems (yes, that’s a lot). You will have to go through a learning curve in order to fully enjoy the game.

The economy of this MMORPG is entirely driven by the players. Additionally, the (PvP) clashes are extremely addictive, and will have you spending hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in the game. 

Mad World 

This browser MMORPG is without a doubt one of my great discoveries in recent months. Offering an isometric view and “hand-drawn” graphics, the game will take you into an extremely mature and bloody universe. 

The fighting style is very dynamic and comes in the form of “hit and run.” You cast a skill, you run, and so on. 

The ability to play multiplayer, whether in PvP or PvE, gives Mad World all the characteristics of a great. 

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