February 5, 2023

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The 8 Best MMORPGs With Quality PvE Content 

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The 8 Best MMORPGs With Quality PvE Content 

The 8 Best MMORPGs With Quality PvE Content 

Now back on the front of the stage, mmorpg now offer more and more content. At the same time, players no longer need to log on 6 hours a day in order to advance in their objectives.

What is a PvE mmorpg?

A PvE mmorpg (Character versus environment) is an online game that allows players to have access to content allowing them to face the game’s AI. mmorpg PvE makes sense. 

To give you an idea, here is our list of the best PvE mmorpg of the moment!

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is positioned as one of the best PvE mmorpg since it offers a successful experience both solo and in groups. Indeed, the rise in levels does not present itself as a linear test, adorned with repetitive and uninteresting quests. 

By the time you’ve reached max level, you probably won’t have visited half of the game’s regions! The upgrade system will assign you the characteristics of the zone level. This system allows you to evolve freely in the game, without worrying about your level.

In addition, your progress will be accompanied by dynamic events, which will appear on the map at certain times. These events can take the form of: 

  • NPC protection/escort
  • Fight against enemies
  • Defeat a boss
  • Perform a particular service
  • Collect items
  • Defend or conquer an area
  • Interact with objects
  • Participate in a great battle

The bosses that you can face during these events are very accomplished. Indeed, the mechanics and the difficulty represent a real challenge. These are probably the best open-world bosses in any MMORPG.

Old School Runescape

OSRS does not present itself as a mechanically hard game. Indeed, it’s probably one of the MMORPGs with the fewest actions possible. Besides, if you watch your videos, you will probably get bored watching the fights.

Old School Runescape’s fun isn’t just about its dynamism, but rather about character optimization. Indeed, the game requires fulfilling prerequisites in order to be able to hope to overcome certain bosses or dungeons.

In addition, the strategy is omnipresent, and you will have to attract monsters behind a pillar or a chest, for example. You can also rush into close combat, and pray in order to have the sufficient stats to win!

The game does not look like much, but quickly becomes addictive. A good PvE mmorpg without a doubt! 

AION Classic

NCsoft used the wave caused by Blizzard to offer a classic version of its MMORPG: Aion. Long requested by the community, the game was released in version 2.0. First observation, this classic version of AION will ask you to grind, grind and grind again.

Whether it’s leveling up, optimizing your equipment, or PvP, the game is based on a combat repetition system. Depending on your class, you will have to chain the same dungeons in a loop in order to recover your best equipment. 

Plan hundreds of hours of monster extermination if you want to optimize for PvE. One of the best PvE mmorpg for Korean game fans. 

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The Elder Scrolls Online

TESO has been one of the best-established mmorpgs for over 10 years. It owes its success to its ability to be a more than credible alternative to World of Warcraft. The Elder Scrolls Online differentiates itself in the quality of its storytelling and quests.

Indeed, the Zenimax game offers a pleasant level up, thanks in particular to the plot and the lore. If you like long dialogues, stories and PvE, then TESO is the game for you.

Speaking of PvE, know that endgame Dungeons and Raids require some knowledge and interaction. However, we are far from the difficulty of a Mythical Raid on Wow, or a Fatal level raid on FF XIV.

So we end up with content that can be completed by any player investing a minimum.

World of Warcraft 

We will quickly pass on the leveling up of Wow, since it is quite classic. On the program: monster farming and item recovery for about twenty hours before reaching the maximum level.

On the PvE side, World of Warcraft undoubtedly offers some of the best content. Indeed, the Mythic + dungeons will allow you to take part in increasingly complex challenges.

The goal is to finish the dungeon as quickly as possible in order to get rewards. The faster you complete it, the more the key you will receive at the end will allow you to take part in a difficult dungeon. (Mythic +1, +2, +3, etc.)

The higher your key, the more you will have to deal with additional affixes like: 

  • Tyrannical : Dungeon bosses have more health and deal more damage.
  • Unleashed : Upon reaching 30% health, enemies gain 100% increased damage until they die (does not affect bosses).
  • Whirling : In combat, enemies periodically summon devastating whirlwinds.

You can access a ranking of the best Mythic+ dungeon teams on the Raider.io site.

Raids offer 4 levels of difficulty: 

  • LFR : Via the Blizzard search tool, which composes groups automatically. This is the simplest level.
  • Normal : Basic level, allows mistakes.
  • Heroic : Instantly punishes not knowing strategies.
  • Mythic : The highest level, which represents a real challenge for guilds.

For fans of mmorpg PvE, World of Warcraft is one of the best possible alternatives, since the evolution of the difficulty is unlimited.

Final Fantasy XIV 

Totally strawberry during its first years of production, FF XIV has bounced back to offer a marvel of immersion.

Add to that the leveling overhaul (which was presented as the last brake on the arrival of new players), and you have one of the best PvE mmorpgs around. 

From now on, this part of the game teaches you to master your character, and to choose the optimization which suits you the most.

The dungeons and quests are quite nice, allowing new players to enjoy the PvE content of the game quite early. However, the real PvE content is revealed in the endgame, a place where the bosses will give you a hard time. 

There are several types of HL content on FF XVI: 

  • Challenges
  • Raids at 8 
  • Raids at 24 

These challenges are classified into 6 different levels of difficulty: 

  • Normal
  • Brutal
  • Unreal
  • Extreme
  • Sadistic
  • Fatal 

In other words, your PvE experience will be enriched enough to keep you in the game for hundreds of hours!

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Lost Ark 

The latest addition to the list is a Korean PvE-based MMORPG, offering extremely punishing mechanics. Throughout your level up, you will have to take part in a well-crafted plot, which will ask you to defeat chain monsters.

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Once is not custom, you will have to wait until level 50 in order to take part in the high level content. From there, you can sail on a boat and discover islands of all kinds. 

This part of the gameplay is extremely innovative, since it will allow you to continue your progress while exploring a vast world.

PvE content comes in many forms: 

  • Main quests : unlocks based on your gear level 
  • Chaos Dungeon : daily dungeons that allow you to collect materials to improve your equipment
  • Una’s Tasks : which look like the daily quests in Lost Ark
  • Guardian Raids : Which allow you to fight solo or in a group (up to 4 players) against bosses
  • The Dungeons of the Abyss : Scripted raids, which will represent your first real challenges
  • The Cube : which come in the form of increasingly complex challenges, allowing you to advance from room to room. 
  • The Gates of Chaos : Daily content that will require you to fend off hordes of demons in order to close it.
  • The Ghost Ships : Weekly content that asks you to board
  • The World Bosses : Which allow you to recover essential items for your optimization

So much content that makes it one of the most popular PvE mmorpgs on the list.


This mmorpg is a bit of a UFO on this list, but nevertheless, Ankama’s mmorpg really has arguments to put forward in PvE. Indeed, the many dungeons offer a significant challenge, especially for those from level 150 (Count Harebourg in particular).

From level 200, many dungeon bosses require you to try several times before succumbing: 

  • Less
  • Ilyzaelle
  • Tal Kasha
  • Proto
  • Bethel

Falling these bosses by adding idols (which severely complicate the fight), presents a real challenge for players. However, Ankama has implemented a much more complex type of content, since it has infinite difficulty: Dreams.

This content is in the form of floors, which allow you to face the different bosses of the game on known maps.

The more you go up the floors, the more the characteristics of monsters and bosses increase. Of course, the rewards are also becoming increasingly important.  

If I placed Dofus in the list of the best PvE mmorpgs, it’s because Dreams are endless! There is no limit to your evolution.

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