February 6, 2023

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The French giant cancels several projects

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The French giant cancels several projects

The French giant cancels several projects

As with each traditional tax assessment, the publisher takes the opportunity to communicate on its current projects and on the life of the company. If the postponement of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora sounded like a crushing blow as the release window was beneficial for Ubisoft, it is obviously not the only clap of thunder that sounded during this review of the activity of the first quarter 2022-2023.

The publisher generated net bookings of 293.3 million euros, down 10% over one year. Objective still successful since the group had announced a target of around 280 million euros. However, Ubisoft is once again carried by its flagship licenses which continue to have solid performances: Rainbow Six Siege or even the golden egg hen, the Assassin’s Creed saga with the last three opuses and especially Valhalla which has benefited of an extension recently.

Despite everything, the French giant finds itself with very few projects planned in the short term. Thus, the publisher acknowledges having decided to postpone to 2023-2024 a game not yet announced “on a smaller scale” initially planned for 2022-2023. But where concern can come into play is the cancellation of four titles. Among these four, two are completely unknown to the battalion, which may raise questions about their reliability.

But two other well-known ones have been cancelled: Ghost Recon Frontline and Splinter Cell VR . Very coldly received by the gaming community, Ghost Recon Frontline was supposed to be Ubisoft’s battle royale answer to Call of Duty: Warzone after the failure of Hyper Scape. As for Splinter Cell VR, in collaboration with Meta (formerly the Facebook group), it was to offer an original adventure in virtual reality. The latter was surely canceled so that the still unofficial Splinter Cell remake.

In addition to betting on its flagship licenses, Ubisoft can count on its two titles at the end of 2022 , including the Nintendo Switch exclusive Mario & The Rabbids: Sparks of Hope which will be available on October 20. The Arlesian Skull and Bones will arrive at the quay from November 8th.

If on the one hand, this rather light schedule and the cancellations may seem worrying, it is above all an opportunity for Ubisoft to refocus on its current projects. The publisher invites us to meet next September for a Ubisoft Forward event geared towards the future of the Assassin’s Creed series, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year .

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