February 5, 2023

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The return of an uninhibited game

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The return of an uninhibited game

The return of an uninhibited game

A cheerleader, zombies, a chainsaw and a crazy universe. This is what the Grasshopper Manufacture studio offered in 2012 on seventh generation consoles. Lollipop Chainsaw had appealed to the Japanese public, but had met with less success in the land of Uncle Sam. Nevertheless, more than a million copies of the game have been sold to date.

Grasshopper Manufacture, chaired by the delirious Suda51 ( Goichi Suda ), is a Japanese studio accustomed to completely crazy productions featuring extraordinary characters in situations that are both funny and stylish. Playing a game from this team is a bit like sports betting , you never know what you’re going to get when you start the game.

For those who missed the game when it was released or would like to rediscover it with updated graphics, Suda51 has announced that a remake is planned for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series for next year. However, a new studio is taking over.

Lollipop Chainsaw, what is it?

For those unfamiliar with Lollipop Chainsaw , it’s a hack n’ slash where you play as Juliet Starling, a cheerleader who finds herself battling zombies with the help of her boyfriend’s head. This story worthy of a Z series is a pretext for increasingly crazy adventures in a cartoonish universe, with colorful characters, especially the bosses who each have their own personality. This is the case for all the games from the studio which also developed No More Heroes or Killer 7.

The remake will not be made by Suda51

However, the Lollipop Chainsaw remake, slated for 2023 , will not be handled by Goichi Suda’s studio, but by Dragami Games . The game will not be a total remake of the title either since it has already been announced that the artistic direction will be much more realistic and that a new soundtrack will be composed. So, even for the first hour fans, it will be a new experience.

We then wonder what will remain of the original experience and if the game will be as fun to play as the one released in 2012. Lollipop Chainsaw was far from being a perfect game and we hope that the bugs will be fixed. At the moment, there is still little information on this remake. No platform has been announced and no one knows what graphics engine will be used. It is nevertheless likely that it will be similar to the remake of No More Heroes which was also announced recently.

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