February 8, 2023

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Top 14 Best Free No Subscription (F2P) Mmorpgs

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Top 14 Best Free No Subscription (F2P) Mmorpgs

Top 14 Best Free No Subscription (F2P) Mmorpgs

MMORPGs are great places for players to take part in incredible adventures. Some of these MMORPGs are free, and will let you enter an incredible universe, without paying a subscription. 🔥 Top 5 Racing

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Not paying a subscription does not necessarily mean having to give up quality games. Indeed, many MMO fans have decided to move towards free MMORPGs by choice and not by necessity. 

Attachment to a universe strongly depends on the expectations and tastes of each player. Not everyone can be a fan of the cartoonish world of World of Warcraft, or the storytelling offered by an FFXIV. 

Fortunately, many free MMORPGs are among the best of their kind, and offer an incredible gaming experience.

14/15 Dungeons & Dragons Online

The first game on our list is none other than the adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons into an MMORPG. Released 15 years ago, the game is clearly not one of the most beautiful aesthetically. 

However, if you manage to get past this aspect, the game has what it takes to give you a good time. Good lore, lots of content, and a really nice community.

If you prefer gameplay and atmosphere to graphic quality, there is no doubt that you will have a good time on this free MMORPG without subscription.

13/15 Skyforge

The majority of choices made by the developers of Skyforge will give you a unanimous feeling: either you will love the game or you will hate it. The story of the game is quite simplistic, you are an immortal who must protect the world from outside threats.

As you progress, you will climb the ranks to become a god. There are many different classes and many different skills, which you can change with a click.

The aiming system halfway between automatic targeting and combat action is quite confusing, and may confuse more than one. A free MMO where everyone has to make up their own mind.

12/15 DC Universe Online

Using the famous DC Universe license, this MMORPG of the same name allows you to step into the shoes of a superhero or an outlaw. You create your avatar from the start of the game, and then must evolve in the universe and make a name for yourself. 

During your adventure, you will take part in all aspects of a classic MMORPG, such as quests, PvE and PvP. The more you advance in the game, the more new abilities will be available to you.

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For example, you can use the powers of Superman and Batman, the weapons of Green Arrow and Doomsday, as well as skills based on lightning, ice or fire. A very good free MMORPG without subscription for fans of the license.

11/15 Secret World Legends

It’s one of the UFOs on our list, since we wanted to offer you alternatives to traditional MMORPGs. Secret World Legends is a free, no-subscription MMORPG set in the real world. 

Indeed, you can visit cities like London, Seoul or New York in search of ancient myths and legends. The threat that hangs over this world is supernatural, and takes the form of monsters of all kinds.

Your character will have to use powers, from a long list available, in order to overcome the different dungeons. The major concern? The game no longer seems updated, and hotfixes are being rolled out by the fan community.

10/15 Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online places you in the shoes of a starship captain, who must take part in different missions in order to evolve. The game offers no less than 100 different locations, related to the Star Trek license.

Like Eve Online, the game features increased ship customization, and regular content updates. However, the game offers less freedom than its rival, since the universe is segmented, and not fully accessible.

The major negative point of the game comes from the abandonment of the developers as for the French version. If you’re not fluent in English, you’re going to have a hard time enjoying the narration.

9/15 Blade & Soul

NCsoft’s Game owes its success to its incredible combat system, featuring traditional martial arts. The animations are extremely dynamic, which makes the fights very enjoyable. 

The game recently upgraded to version 4 of the Unreal Engine, which will make it extremely beautiful. The story will make you evolve in a very marked Asian universe, which also benefits enormously from this update. 

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The game is mainly based on PvP, but raids and dungeons exist, and offer a quite different experience from what we know. The negative point of the game comes from its “Pay to Win” model, similar to a Black Desert Online.

8/15 Lineage 2Lineage is an old-school free-to-play MMORPG that features a chapter-based storytelling system. The game dates back to 2003, and even its combat system and graphics struggle to hide this reality.

We’re not saying that the game is bad or outdated, but that it will suit a purist audience more than casual gamers. 

The class and skill system is extremely advanced, and the race you choose at the start of your adventure will have a great impact on them. 

If you don’t want to invest money in the game, you will have to be extremely patient, but your character will still evolve from week to week. Like “old school” MMORPGs, Lineage 2 is more like a hobby than a classic game.

7/15 Neverwinter Online

Neverwinter is the second MMORPG exploiting the Dungeon & Dragons license, and is a very good gateway for those wishing to discover this universe. The game offers fairly standard features, whether in terms of class choice, but also in quests and dungeons.

You can choose between the traditional classes: Mage, Warrior, Priest, Thief, Archer. We will notice in particular that certain classes are more favored than others in certain compartments of the game.

Neverwinter benefits from regular updates, which allow it to maintain its community, which is not the case with Dungeon and Dragons Online. 

6/15 Eve online

Eve Online is a free MMORPG without subscription, which will take you to conquer space. At the controls of your ship, you will have the opportunity to discover no less than 7000 different systems.

The goal is to customize your ship, and acquire new ones, in order to take part in epic team battles. Resources are limited in Eve Online, which forces players to meet and fight to survive.

Among the different types of content present, we find politics, piracy, exchanges and above all exploration.

5/15 The Lord of the Rings Online

Developed around the universe of JRR Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings is an MMORPG dating from 2007, and which is starting to suffer a little graphically. A major update should see the light of day in 2023 to remedy this problem.

One of the strengths of this MMORPG concerns the leveling phase, which is pleasant and long enough not to feel obliged to rush it. Indeed, the quests, the narration and the dungeons make this leveling up an adventure in itself.

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In terms of features, the game offers: skirmishes, guilds, raids, housing, achievements and increased customization.  

4/15 Star Wars: The Old Republic

Another game using a legendary license, and you know what? It is a free MMORPG without subscription (mandatory). Have you always dreamed of playing a Jedi, a Sith lord or a bounty hunter equipped with a blaster? This game is made for you.

Offering a gigantic world and a well-crafted story, the game sends you 3000 years before the story told in the films of George Lucas.

The game allows you to take part in quality PvP content and raids that pit you against tough bosses that require you to learn complex strategies. The negative point: not going through the subscription seems complicated at a very high level. 

3/15 Albion Online

If you are looking for a free MMORPG with an insane lifespan, then Albion Online is the game for you. First, evolve without a guild in this game is something almost impossible, since the game is based on a system of conquest of territories. 

Secondly, the economy is shaped by the players, and crafting is extremely important in the game. By the way, customizing your character will allow you to specialize in this area.

Finally, the achievement system is impressive, and some of them will require several years to be validated… No major flaw, because the subscription is a plus but is not mandatory for fun.

2/15 Runescape

If Lineage 2 is more like a hobby than a game, then you could say that Runescape is more like a way of life! 3rd version of the game released in 2001, Runescape is a graphically improved version.

The game is considered the most updated MMORPG in the world. It is also the largest MMORPG currently. 

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If the game is still standing after more than 20 years, it’s because it doesn’t just push you to fight ever more powerful enemies. The game has parallel activities that are similar to real life.

Roleplay also has a very important place in the game, and the player community is extremely involved. If you’re looking for a community more than just a game, Runescape is probably the best free MMORPG with no (required) subscription of its kind. 

1/15 Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a game of exploration and discovery, and lets you decide how you want to earn experience. You can level up by completing mini-games, reviving allies, collecting plants, and more.

Structured PvP is also well thought out, since you will enjoy the same level and the same equipment as all the other players. This system puts an end to the frustration encountered in some MMORPGs, especially for new players. 

For the rest, a lot of content is available): 

  • Raids (about thirty bosses available)
  • PvP Arena (ranked)
  • Dungeons with random affixes (fractals)
  • Dynamic events that make the world come alive
  • World vs World PvP

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