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Top 9 Best Turn-Based

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Top 9 Best Turn-Based

Top 9 Best Turn-Based

Turn-based MMORPGs abound, but it’s still hard to find one good enough to enjoy long-term. 

Cradled since childhood by games from Ankama Games, until then I hadn’t realized the fame of the studio. Indeed, Ankama enjoys a certain credit within the community of international turn-based MMO players. 

There are also a few nuggets, most of them offering more mature, even gore universes. Often set aside by ordinary players, MMOs of this type nevertheless have a lot of qualities to show off.


Stash is a turn-based MMORPG based on a crafting and housing system. The object of the game is to farm dungeons in order to grow your base of operations. For World of Warcraft players, it looks a bit like Draenor Garrison, only more complete.

The crafting system allows you to create, trade and sell items. You can also become a full-time seller, since this aspect of the game is very complete.

The story is well put together, and the community really adds to the atmosphere of the game. Clans, PvP (duels and clan wars) are also available. 

Atlantic Online

This turn-based MMORPG features a mercenary collection system. To take part in the fight, you will have to compose the best formation possible with this collection. 

You can then take part in numerous quests and more than 20 different dungeons. PvP also has an important place, and you can even form alliances of guilds to conquer territories. 

The updates are quite regular as are the events organized by the developers. Like many Korean MMORPGs , Atlantica Online offers advantages (especially in PvP) to players who pay…

Vampire Fall : Origins

This game is basically an RPG, but we put it in the list for 2 reasons: there is a community of PvP players, and the title is excellent. First, you move through a fairly large open world and follow a very immersive story.

The game offers a great optimization in terms of build and equipment, and this is the main goal of the game. The quest system will not take you by the hand, and everything is not necessarily indicated on the menu.

You will have to read and discover the areas on your own. If you stray too far from the quest area, you can quickly get punished by higher level monsters. A game where difficulty and many hours of farming await you.

Mist Legacy

This MMO is one of the good surprises in our ranking, since it offers really different features. We are dealing here with a pure RPG, offering a top view, and a turn-based combat system.The story puts you in the shoes of a Mistwalker, coming from a world steeped in terror. At the beginning of the story, you find yourself projected into the real world and must learn more about this phenomenon.

You must therefore develop your home, farm resources and craft your equipment. To obtain the recipes, you will have to complete quests or buy them from the various merchants. 

This game requires a minimum of investment (daily + farming), and I do not recommend it to players with less than 2 hours to put into the game each day.


Turn-based MMORPGs are somewhat the specialty of one of the best-known French development studios: Ankama. Waven and the first of the three that we are going to present today. 

Released in Alpha test mid-December 2022, Waven is still being adjusted, and the content is quite limited at the moment. However, we already take a certain pleasure in playing it, because the game brings a breath of fresh air for long-time Dofus players.

For example, farming the same dungeon 5 times will give you a different experience, because the stakes will change during each of them. The farming system also allows you to recover currency, allowing you to buy the objects of the dungeon in question if you have not had the chance to obtain them.

The graphic and narrative touch are very pleasant. Its major flaw (relative for an Alpha)? We don’t really know what the goal of the game is in the long term…


We are not going to lie to each other, Temtem takes everything that made the success of the Pokémon license, in order to offer an MMORPG all in all rather successful. The game puts you in the shoes of a Temtem trainer, whose goal is to defeat the 8 dojo masters.

Your journey will be accompanied by a storyline and a pleasant plot, and the world made up of 6 islands is very pleasant to navigate. A personalization and housing system is also present, adding a notable plus.

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The PvP system is quite nice: you and your opponent choose 8 pokemon, before banishing 3 of them. Then, the fight starts with your 5 remaining Temtem!

The goal of the game is therefore to prepare and optimize your team alone, before showing the whole world who is the best Temtem trainer!


Second game of our top produced by the Ankama studio, Wakfu is a turn-based MMORPG based on the actions of its community. Indeed, you can have an impact on the world in several ways: 

  • By replanting trees that you have cut down
  • By reintroducing monsters
  • By taking part in politics
  • By taking part in turf wars 
  • etc.

The goal of the game is quite similar to other MMOs: level up, farm quests/dungeons in order to recover and optimize your equipment. If you want to fully enjoy the game, you will have to play in a guild, take part in politics and server life.

If the social aspect is important to you in an MMO, you should give Wakfu a chance!

Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks is an MMO offering a mature universe, which takes up the great inspirations of 90s games. The isometric 3D view clearly gives an identity to the game, which can also count on a pleasant combat system.

Like all “old school” MMORPGs, Broken Ranks won’t cut you the work, and you’ll have to farm in a loop to get some loot at the minimal drop rate.

PvP is very present, with a ranked arena system, but also the possibility of PK. The major flaw of the game, for me, lies in its movements between each fight.

You’ll spend more time running than fighting monsters! To compensate, the game is totally free and without subscription !


Wishing to leave my chauvinistic side aside, I have long sought to find an alternative to Dofus for the first place. However, it is clear that Ankama’s jewel is the best turn-based MMORPG currently on the market!

With more than 17 years of experience, the game has continued to evolve in order to offer increasingly rich content. Added classes, dungeons, Otomai, Frigost, Dimensions, Dofus quests , THL Dungeons, Saharach, Pandala revamp… I could go on for a long time! 

Even if some imbalances between the classes are to be deplored (as in all MMOs), Dofus has much better PvE and PvP content than that of other turn-based MMORPGs.

The crafting and smithmagic system is probably one of the best in any MMO. On the immersion side, the zones, the music and the dialogues completely immerse you in this universe. 

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