February 7, 2023

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What to do when you have more quests

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What to do when you have more quests

What to do when you have more quests

What to do when you have more quests?

  • Dungeons
  • The Spiral Depths
  • The energy lines
  • The teapot
  • Treasure quests
  • Increase your reputation
  • The Escapes
  • Go on a hunt for success

Genshin offers a rich story full of twists and turns, which makes us become more and more attached to the characters. And although some have trouble seeing the end of all these quests, others are lost because they just have none left to put in their mouths.

Imagine that we asked ourselves this question and as much to tell you that you are far from having finished your journey on the moors of Teyvat! 


You can already start by spending your original resin every day in the dungeons.

Whether you do it to get weapon upgrade materials, character upgrades, skill upgrades, or new artifacts, dungeons are a great way to spend your resources.

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There are just under 20 in the whole game, but since the dungeons available are never the same every day, well you can’t get bored!

However, always keep in mind that your amount of original resin is very limited. Indeed, the cap is set at 160, although this energy regenerates at the rate of 1 every 5 minutes.

So always keep an eye on your remaining resin, if you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises!

Do the math: dungeons (whatever their nature) cost 20 points per turn and conquest dungeons cost 30 points (the first 3), then 60 points the following ones.

Plus, Conquest Dungeons can only be done once a week, so no way to miss them! The calculations are therefore simple. In no time, those 160 original resin points were gone.

So choose carefully how to invest them! In addition, once you have reached a certain level of adventure, the next objective is undoubtedly to increase the damage caused by your characters. This is where doing dungeons can be very useful!

The Spiral Depths

You can also challenge the spiraling depths, located on an island in Monstadt called “Musk’s Reef”. It’s a dungeon too, but it resets weekly once you reach level 8.

You can only claim the rewards for the first 8 tiers once. But starting at floor 8, you can choose to take on the remnants endlessly if you feel like it.

The maximum is set at 12, and always with 3 rooms per floor. The monsters change and even the terrain conditions or the nature of the challenges are variable. 

And one thing we can assure you is that the rewards won’t let you down. Suffice to say that they are very generous. Definitely a good habit to get into and a perfect way to test your characters’ strength!

The energy lines

Many players also like to evolve new characters to form new teams or alternate rotations. It brings a little spice to the adventure and especially renewal. 

This touch of innovation prevents them from getting bored. But to do this, it is necessary to have enough resources.

And if you lack the hero’s moras and lessons, you have no choice but to try to get some, because without them, you can’t go further.

What could be better than using your original resin to overcome energy lines. These challenges are represented by blue mist (for hero lessons) and gold mist (for moras). 

They cost a total of 20 resin points per turn, which isn’t exactly cheap when you think of all you could do with that amount.

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The upside is that these challenges are pretty quick and will have you facing off against (depending on which region you decide to do them in) a wide range of different monsters. 

You are free to repeat these challenges as many times as you wish. And of course, you can choose to increase the supply of each round by synthesizing Condensed Resin in advance.

The teapot 

If the fights start to bore you, you can always take refuge in your serenitheater. 

This teapot that you received from Madame Ping has great potential, but above all a whole new dimension.

Use decorations you’ve collected from quests or from chests. With them, build houses or make furniture and other accessories with which you can decorate your teapot.

You also have the possibility of placing your characters on your land, interacting with them and even increasing their level of affection thanks to daily rewards (each time you go there).

If you place them on a certain arrangement (called an indoor or outdoor set), you may well get some extra goodies.

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Different resources will be required for the manufacture of each decorative element.

Treasure quests

If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not just wander around the map and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the different regions?

If that’s not enough for you, embark on a treasure quest, looking for chests, electroculus, purple agate crystals, elemental steles, fairies, torches and other mechanisms.

You should already know that the chests bring you weapons, lessons from the hero, seals specific to the region, as well as primo-gems (the larger the chest, the more you earn).

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As for the culus of each region, they also bring you primogems, but in addition to keys for shrines, stamina and much more.

Challenges them (scattered all over the map) earn you extra chests, as do fairies and other mechanics or puzzles.

I can tell you, it makes for rewards in the end! So, keep your eyes peeled when you set out to explore!

Increase your reputation

In the end, you can always fall back on events, that’s obvious, but the longevity of the latter is not very long.

So why not challenge yourself to max out your reputation in each of the regions you’ve unlocked? To increase it, arm yourself with patience though, because requests and bonuses are limited to 3 per week.

Indeed, the latter only bring you a total sum of 420 exp points in the best case (40 points for each request, between 60 and 100 for each bonus depending on the level of difficulty chosen).

Do not hesitate, if this challenge is important to you, to do it at the same time as your quest for treasures and other objects in the world. 

That way you will have killed two birds with one stone! Indeed, the more you have discovered and interacted with the map of a region, the more the percentage of discovery of this one increases.

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And when you pass certain levels, there too you have rewards (100 xp points exactly). So, as much to get started and quickly! 

The Escapes

If you find you really miss the quests too much, tackle the character quests more commonly known as “Escapes”.

You can unlock them bit by bit through Legend Keys given to you when you complete 8 Daily Missions. 

Suffice to say that to get one, you have to wait at least 8 days. It is therefore recommended to unlock them little by little, because it is impossible to accumulate more than 3 keys.

These escapades feature short stories that you share one-on-one with the character.

They have multiple endings, depending on the choices you made, and each new ending you unlock brings you rewards there too! Like what, it’s not just quests to have fun in Genshin Impact!

Go on a hunt for success

And if you really have time to waste and you’re a die-hard fan of challenges, focus on collecting achievements! 

Impossible to say how many there are exactly, because the developers of Genshin always go further. In addition to the 527 achievements that are accessible on the section, there are many others that are hidden achievements.

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